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Analytical Chemistry

Food and drink
  • Determination of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues Analysis in Fat

    Responsible institute Bureau of Quality and Safety of Food
    Type of participating laboratory Government and private laboratory
    Availability for participating laboratory 50 laboratories
    Type of test item Animal fat
    Amount of test item/cycle 1 sample
    Tested property or measured quantities Organochlorine pesticides
    Testing method Participant's routine method
    Standard series/guidelines ISO/IEC 17043
    Quality standard implementation Accredited
    Independent review /Organizer Department of Sciences Service (DSS), Thailand
    Laboratory performance evaluation concensus value or reference value
    Statistical design z-score
    Acceptable range IzI ≤ 2, 2 < IzI < 3, IzI ≥ 3
    Time for registration to PTS July to December
    Frequency of operation 1 round/year
    Annual member fee 2,000 ฿ /round
    Scheme coordinator Ms Wischada Jongmevasna
    Telephone number 0 2951 0000 ext. 99622
    e-mail address wischada.j@ dmsc.mail.go.th, bqsf_pt@dmsc.mail.go.th
    Website dmsc2.dmsc.moph.go.th/webroot/BQSF/File/PTscheme.htm