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Analytical Chemistry

  • pH Measurement 

    Responsible institute Bureau of Drug and Narcotic
    Type of participating laboratory Pharmaceutical quality control laboratory / testing laboratory
    Availability for participating laboratory 60 laboratories
    Type of test item Raw material, liquid preparation
    Amount of test item/cycle 1 - 2 sample
    Tested property or measured quantities pH value
    Testing method pH measurement according to pharmacopoeia
    Standard series/guidelines ISO/IEC 17043
    Quality standard implementation not accredited
    Independent review /Organizer -
    Laboratory performance evaluation consensus value
    Statistical design z-score
    Acceptable range |z | ≤ 2.0
    Time for registration to PTS December – January
    Frequency of operation 1 round / 2 years
    Annual member fee 500 Baht/ round (for local participant)
    Scheme coordinator Ms. Siriphorn Laomanacharoen
    Telephone number 02 951 0000 ext. 99137
    e-mail address pt_bdn@hotmail.com, pts.bdn@gmail.com
    Website www.bdn.go.th/pt/